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Manually activating the MailRisk add-in

This guide is intended for users who are testing out MailRisk without giving access to other users in the organization.

Open Microsoft Outlook, and click «File» in the main menu.

  • Click the button «Manage add-ins» at the bottom of the screen.

  • Your web browser will open with your webmail account, and personal settings page for add-ins.

Manage add-ins in Outlook.

If the MailRisk add-in has already been installed for your organization, but is deactivated by default, you may proceed directly to activate add-in below.

Install manifest file

This part of the guide requires that your user is allowed to manually install add-ins in Microsoft Office.

  • Click the plus button above the list of add-ins, and then «Add from a file»:

Manage add-ins in Outlook.

The next step requires you to upload an XML manifest file, which describes the MailRisk add-in to Exchange and Outlook, from your local hard drive.

Select manifest file.
  • Confirm installation by clicking «Install» in the dialogue:

Confirm install.

Activate add-in

Verify that you can find MailRisk in the list of available add-ins.

  • Ensure that the checkbox at the right «Turned on» is checked for MailRisk:

Confirm install.

The MailRisk button will soon be visible in your Outlook clients. Please allow for up to 24 hours, but an Outlook app restart may help speeding things up.