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Gamified e-learning

Engaging cybersecurity practice that reduces human risk

Cybersecurity training that helps people with exactly what they need, when they need it

Looking to liven up your cybersecurity training and maintain engagement in a meaningful way?

Help your colleagues learn and practice at their own pace, according to their skills levels, and knowledge gaps. 

We provide a rich collection of customizable cybersecurity courses, regularly updated to motivate and support secure behavior. 

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social media
device health
identity theft
personal data
mobile security

How gamified e-learning works

Your colleagues don’t need another e-learning course. They need training and tools tuned to their role, responsibilities, knowledge, and interests.

We help you provide targeted training complemented by relevant feedback and privacy-mindful progress monitoring. 

Here’s how we do it.

Friendly learning portal for engaging, gamified practice

We transform cybersecurity training with a mix of learning methods and formats, including engaging videos, interactive elements, quizzes, and a rewarding point system. 

It's designed to keep your team focused and excited about their progress! 

As they earn points, new educational content becomes available, ensuring the learning experience remains relevant to their growing skills.

Ready-to-use content in a variety of learning formats

Our cybersecurity training toolkit comes pre-filled with all the training content you need, from quick bites and gentle nudges to in-depth guides and article collections, email newsletter series, security FAQs, and threat bulletins.

And we're always adding more, keeping you ahead with the latest on cyber challenges. Fresh, flexible, and at your fingertips!

After all, Secure Practice is a security company, not just your average e-learning provider.

Dynamic targeting that respects people’s privacy

Use anonymized data about your colleagues’ security actions to give them precise, helpful cybersecurity resources.

Gamified e-learning allows customization based on specific skills and interests, or to create  and deliver your own content. With support for 14 languages and an automatic content translator, we ensure training is universally accessible.

Plus, automated invitations and reminders enable seamless, self-paced learning for every team member.

Integration options with our toolkit - and yours

Elevate gamified e-learning from fun to strategic by using it to measure and improve human risk metrics.

Drawing from MailRisk reports and phishing simulations, our automated human risk metrics pinpoint which groups need support and what type. For instance, with in-person cybersecurity exercises to engage people on the next level.

Add our dynamic content automation to the mix for even richer, anonymous follow-ups. This is smart, targeted cybersecurity training at its best!

EU-based and GDPR compliant

With advanced statistics and data export options, our gamified e-learning feature still protects your colleagues’ privacy, helping you exceed GDPR rigors. All while they learn what they need on GDPR themselves, too.

We provide comprehensive, anonymized insights into human cybersecurity risks, allowing for targeted training interventions based on collective needs.

And our commitment to privacy by design ensures detailed, transparent information to answer all your questions, aligning advanced functionality with privacy assurance.

Deliver the perfect blend of guidance, growth, and security

Use Secure Practice as your skilled navigator to help you chart a course through the complexities of cybersecurity. With customizable content and secure insights, each learner can practice their way to safer digital habits.