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Why Us

Cybersecurity practice works when it helps people and companies grow

The Secure Practice team.

We believe

When you show people you care about their safety, they help care for your organization.

Integrated with their routine tasks and tools, cybersecurity training gives your colleagues:

  • a safe environment in which to pursue personal and professional growth

  • confidence to make good decisions - about security and everything else

  • higher autonomy that translates into proactivity and productivity

  • self-motivation to be better colleagues, leaders, and members of society

We all share the instinct to be safe and protect others.

Let’s give your colleagues the tools, context, and guidance they need to act on it - with consideration for their limited resources.

Why we care

Your colleagues have limited time, energy and attention.

Old training methods get this all wrong because they:

  • Mistake presence for performance and provide little to no personal benefit.
  • Drain people’s energy with frustrating, fear-based tactics that don’t work.
  • Kill the will to learn by not giving feedback beyond the training itself.

You've likely felt the frustration of using ineffective tools that barely satisfy compliance reporting. Or dealt with vendors who ignore feedback because they don’t really care about cybersecurity.

It’s time. Let’s ditch the routine that's been falling flat for 20 years! 

We started Secure Practice to build technology that makes people care about, talk about, and act on cybersecurity needs and triggers every single day - at scale.

We help

Your colleagues make good security choices because they want to and because they believe they can.

To get there, they need:

  • tools that blend into their daily practice

  • knowledge they can use throughout their lives

  • learning experiences that stay with them

  • feedback on how they’re making a difference

Make people’s lives easier with a positive, privacy-focused approach that respects their time and priorities. Your colleagues will thank you for it.

They’re doing this with us


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How Secure Practice helped Tussa boost their security culture with effective reporting for everyone

See how Tussa gives everyone instant feedback on emails reported as suspicious and how they use this data and simulated phishing data to get ISO certified.

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We know

When done right, cybersecurity training helps develop resilient companies and loyal teammates.

A resilient company:

  1. Includes cybersecurity training in each person’s development plan.

  2. Give folks a sense of achievement for their good cybersecurity actions.

  3. Makes it safe for people to make mistakes, report them, and learn from them.

  4. Prepares for security incidents through exercises that simulate real-life situations.

  5. Cultivates curiosity about cybersecurity as things change - at work, in life, in the world.

  6. Ensures everyone gets quick feedback on their actions to improve their decisions.

  7. Recognizes each person contributes to keeping things safe through their role and responsibility.

  8. How do we know this? From scientific research and hands-on experience with companies in 30 countries

    They taught us people need to feel safe to be open to change, feedback, training, and a different way of doing things.

We practice what we preach

We are a team of security and privacy specialists, educators, developers, academics, and entrepreneurs. We draw our energy and motivation from scientific research, product development experience, and a personal desire to contribute something meaningful to the world

We do this because:

  • we get to work with people who care about the same things as we do

  • we get to practice our values - and help other companies do the same

  • we enjoy helping others reach their goals (except for cybercriminals, we want to see them fail miserably!)

  • we love contributing to a world where technology is a force for good in people’s lives

  • we get to have fun while we’re at it!