Digital security

With a focus on people and everyday practices.

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Security and people

We know how the organization's assets are secured when technology meets people.

People practice security on a basis of knowledge, emotions, leadership and culture.

  • We work with awareness, training, collaboration and change.

Rules allow for better compliance when people can be both secure and productive.

  • We help taking policies and procedures from paper to secure practice.

Technology can automate and aid secure behavior through good user experiences.

  • We assist to select and configure products for high satisfaction.

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People + Policy + Products = Practice

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We develop unique products which allow everyone to contribute to better enterprise security.

People can't always keep last year's security training in mind.

  • We give email users immediate help to think before they click.

Our button is always present in software that people use every day.

  • We offer a brand for security which everyone can recognize.

Positive user experiences and feedback loops builds security culture.

  • We contribute to positive dialogue between IT and employees.

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Get introduced to our product MailRisk in 90 seconds – see video above!


‒ The shared value is important to us

Chief information security officer (CISO) Vigleik Hustadnes at Tussa states that awareness among employees is an important focus area for their security work, and how MailRisk is a good fit here.

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Onboarding info for new MailRisk users

When the MailRisk button suddenly appears in the Outlook app for your colleagues, it is important to tell them what this shiny new button is all about. Here is a suggested way to go forward.

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MailRisk wins best new security product award

It was a great pleasure for us to receive the Outstanding Security Performance Award (OSPA) at the Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council (NSR) security conference.

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