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Use our data driven tools to engage, influence and cultivate security among your colleagues. Reduce cyber risk by making everyone part of your extended security team.

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Statistics leave no doubt …


of information security breaches involve some kind of human error.

But thinking about people as the weakest link is not really helpful.

Instead, think about people as your greatest untapped security resource.

People will then become the best security investment you make 🚀

Secure Practice creates security champions

We believe that every employee can contribute to better information security in your organization.

Motivate a secure mindset

Build awareness through positive interactions to get people involved.

Change comes easier when the tasks are easy, or motivation is high:

  • Useful end-user tools to yield high visibility security results
  • Gamification and nudges for user experiences that people simply love
  • Rewarding feedback with long-lasting impact on positive behavior

Provide relevant training

Offer positive learning experiences, relevant to both work and life.

Stimulate a sense of mastery by aligning training with individual user needs:

  • Personalized progress to resonate with knowledge and interest
  • Bite-sized sessions for maximum learning retention
  • High quality content with first class support on any device

Measure improved behaviors

Facilitate an empathetic dialogue about security in your organization.

Understand how people behave, and why, to strengthen your security culture:

  • Survey your strengths and risky areas which require further attention
  • Automate follow-ups without compromising individual employee privacy
  • Collaborate on improvement with integrated historical data in a single system

All you need for lasting security engagement

Secure Practice offers a uniquely integrated experience for security and people.

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OSPA Winner 2018 Best new security product

«Secure Practice offers a unique way for employees and companies to detect and respond to targeted email threats.»

Outstandig Security Performance Awards

Winner 2018: «Best new security product»

Secure Practice has been developed with support from:

Simulated phishing: Communications strategy

How do you prepare an organization for you to try and trick them? In the second part of this series on simulated phishing, we provide the outline for a communications plan.

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Simulated phishing: Goals and methodology

Is it okay to trick your own colleagues? With simulated phishing, this is precisely what we do, when sending employees fake emails to increase their cyber awareness.

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Feeling the difference between human error and secure behavior

What do emotions and empathy have to do with digital security? Can job satisfaction increase password quality? See the talk on what scientific research on these matters.

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– 1800 pairs of eyes on security is better than ten

Financial services company Storebrand has chosen Secure Practice to help employees with safe handling of suspicious emails. Bjørn Richard Watne (CISO) says the solution greatly helps both preventive and operative security.

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– A lack of reporting is a lost opportunity for improvement

Gamification engages, but it is the employees' contributions to information security we value the most in Secure Practice, says security manager and data protection officer Ole Martin Refvik from Admincontrol.

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– The collective benefit is significant to us

Chief information security officer (CISO) Vigleik Hustadnes at energy and communications company Tussa, says that employee awareness and security culture is an important focus area for their security work, and that Secure Practice is a good fit here.

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  • How to avoid common obstacles for reporting
  • Practical examples and steps to get started

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