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Cybersecurity exercises that 
turn curiosity into resilience

From good intentions to real-world skills

Turn your team into the action heroes of cybersecurity, ready to tackle any challenge with speed and strategy. 

Think cybersecurity training is a snooze fest? Let's change that perception! 

Our immersive exercises are designed to thrill and engage. They pack the punch of a summer blockbuster and strengthen team spirit, enhance skills, and create lasting interest in cybersecurity.

How our interactive cybersecurity exercises work

A cyber incident only becomes real when it happens to you

We’ve developed a deeply engaging learning experience that stimulates active participation, collaborative decision-making, and helps everyone understand the attacker mindset.

Live, branching cyber incident scenarios

We cover the most impactful cyber threats organizations deal with, from ransomware attacks to data breaches. 

A realistic scenario starts the conversation, evolving based on answers and insights from participants.

You and your colleagues decide the outcome at each stage, discussing the best course of action and its implications.

Ransomware screen on a phone.

Hands-on activities that mimic real situations

The experience of handling a cyber incident comes to life when participants interact with websites, text messages, calls, and emails. 

Familiar tools, such as voting in polls on their phones, keep everyone involved. And when each attendee chips in with their thoughts, it makes it easier for everyone to jump in without feeling exposed.

Incoming phone call during a cybersecurity training exercise.

Flexible, scalable delivery options for global teams

We’ve trained thousands of people through on-site cybersecurity exercises, but you can also have this as a virtual group experience. 

Exercises are just as effective in smaller groups of executives (CEOs, CFOs, CISOs, etc.) as they are for hundreds of participants (e.g. multiple SME teams). We’ve seen their results!

A room of participants during a live cybersecurity training exercise.

Tangible outcomes with trackable metrics

Conversations and collaborative decision-making help you pinpoint vulnerabilities and exposed assets in your organization (e.g. we need a vetted external security provider on speed dial, we need to improve your incident response plan, etc.). 

Understanding what matters in a crisis situation makes it easier to prioritize your to-do list and make progress.

A fake message from an attacker appearing on a participant’s smart watch during a cybersecurity exercise.

Continue practicing with ready-to-use scenarios

After this live experience, you can continue to practice on your own with the pre-built scenarios on Secure Practice - and even build your own!

All exercises contribute to your organization’s risk score, whose evolution you can track and improve through human risk metrics.

A participant using their phone to engage in the live cybersecurity exercise.

What you can achieve with immersive cyber exercises

People talked and shared experiences across the groups. The feedback was that this was an exercise that got people really engaged. So this is something that we can highly recommend.
Stine Emilie Lokøy SVP Head of Security Knowledge & Advisory at DNB

Shift the mindset around cybersecurity

Your colleagues may not remember what they read about secure behaviors, but the adrenaline rush of tackling a ransomware crisis together is unforgettable!

That’s the power of our cybersecurity exercises: they get people thinking, talking, and turning passive knowledge into active defense.