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Customer success

How Intility boosted their threat intelligence and phishing defense efficiency with Secure Practice


  • Surge in email-delivered scams and phishing attacks

  • Helpdesk overload as the main channel for reporting these emails 

  • Time-consuming, manual analysis of reported emails

  • Duplicate analysis on emails from multiple end users coming from the same malicious campaign

  • Poor user experience that involved a lot of back-and-forth 


  • 50 times more reported emails get automatically analyzed with MailRisk

  • More effective threat blocking with data from thousands of end-users 

  • Quick identification of phishing campaigns that target multiple customers

  • Instant feedback and a positive experience for end-users

  • Almost no manual submissions through the helpdesk

The challenges Intility needed to solve

As a managed service provider (MSP) that operates industrial cloud services for hundreds of business customers located all over the world, Intility is well versed in cybersecurity challenges.

Despite using state of the art anti-spam technology that combined advanced threat protection with reputation lists from multiple vendors, Intility was facing a surge of scams and phishing attacks directed at their customers - most of which used email for distribution.

No matter how much you tweak your spam filter, there will always be emails coming through which are not legitimate. Maybe senders have actually been compromised themselves, and phishing threats keep getting more advanced all the time. We believe it should be really easy for people to get help and have a tool to discover threats for themselves too.
Daniel Henriksen VP Head of Legal, Privacy and Security Management at Intility

On top of the high volume of attacks, users were accustomed to sending suspicious emails to the helpdesk, which then had to forward them to the security team, creating extra work for everyone.

Users were frequently forwarding emails to our helpdesk, who then again forwarded these to our Security Operations Center (SOC). The process was time consuming and not a great user experience, so we wanted an automated solution to reduce the manual effort involved.

This was back in 2020, when the rising tide of cybercrime tactics posed serious challenges to businesses trying to operate with a remote workforce. That is when Intility decided to find a solution to improve the situation - and also enhance their threat intelligence capabilities.

What Intility have achieved by using Secure Practice

Like many of our customers, Intility started with MailRisk, whose initial deployment went really smoothly. They rolled it out to several hundred customers over a short period of time, and report high reliability and scalability since. 

Compared to the previously manual process, Intility now handles over 50 times as many cases with MailRisk with almost the same effort. 

This huge jump in productivity means 50 times as many people get the first class help they need while also providing automatically structured and enriched threat data directly from their inboxes.

The security analysts at Intility are now leveraging this data to block new threats with greater efficiency and precision.

Our SOC team works proactively to stop cyber-attacks across our customer base and MailRisk really helps us here by structuring and collecting all these data in one place. We can now instantly discover multiple customers receiving the same phishing campaign, versus having many different helpdesk tickets to deal with separately before.
Mari Nygaard Simonsen Head of Threat and Vulnerability Management at Intility

Because they no longer have to wait for an incident responder to manually analyze a reported email, people’s experience improved substantially. Reporting a suspicious email and getting feedback is as easy as clicking a button, removing the effort of forwarding them as attachments and providing additional details.

People found MailRisk instantly useful, and reporting rates went up. MailRisk lowers the threshold for getting help, but instead of creating more work for us, we are now almost completely rid of manual submissions to our helpdesk.

These significant benefits led Intility to make MailRisk an integral part of their enhanced email protection offer, which they provide through their MSP services.

We’re excited for this continued collaboration and for all the ways in which we can contribute to keeping people and companies safe against cybercriminal tactics!