– 50 times more people are now getting first-class help with suspicious emails.

Intility is a managed service provider (MSP) which operates industrial cloud services for hundreds of business customers, with end-users located all over the world.

Despite using state of the art anti-spam technology, including advanced threat protection and reputation lists from multiple vendors, Intility was facing a growing amount of scams and phishing attacks directed at their customers.

Daniel Henriksen, VP Head of Legal, Privacy and Security Management at Intility, says his team was looking for ways to improve the situation when they approached Secure Practice back in 2020.

Improved threat intelligence and efficiency

– Users were frequently forwarding emails to our helpdesk, who then again forwarded these to our Security Operations Center (SOC). The process was time consuming and not a great user experience, so we wanted an automated solution to reduce the manual effort involved.

Intility sought for a solution which could also improve their threat intelligence capabilities, and discovered MailRisk.

Mari Nygaard Simonsen, Deputy Head of SOC, describes how their security analysts are now using MailRisk data to block new threats, with data from thousands of end-users.

– Our SOC team works proactively to stop cyber-attacks across our customer base. And MailRisk really helps us here, by structuring and collecting all these data in one place. We can now instantly discover multiple customers receiving the same phishing campaign, versus having many different helpdesk tickets to deal with separately before.

– It should be really easy to get help

The overall experience for end-users has also been greatly improved, since they no longer have to wait for an incident responder to receive the necessary data. Before, this would include teaching people how to forward suspicious emails as attachments, and communicating back and forth.

– People found MailRisk instantly useful, and reporting rates went up. MailRisk lowers the threshold for getting help, but instead of creating more work for us, we are now almost completely rid of manual submissions to our helpdesk, Henriksen explains.

– No matter how much you tweak your spam filter, there will always be emails coming through which are not legitimate. Maybe senders have actually been compromised themselves, and phishing threats keep getting more advanced all the time. We believe it should be really easy for people to get help, and we are therefore giving people a tool to discover threats for themselves, too, Simonsen continues.

Smooth, reliable and scalable operations

Compared to the previously manual process, more than 50 times as many cases are now handled safely with MailRisk, with overall approximately the same effort for Intility.

This means 50 times as many people who get first class help when needed, and also 50 times as much threat data from end-user inboxes, which is now also automatically structured and enriched.

On behalf of both their customers and the SOC, Intility are very happy about solving their main objectives, Henriksen says:

– MailRisk enables quick and frictionless analysis and reporting across a large customer base, and allows us to take advantage of these structured data at scale.

Also when pitching their MSP services to new customers, Intility representatives always mention MailRisk as an integrated part of their enhanced email protection offer. And if the button has not been rolled out to clients from day one for a new customer, they immediately let them know.

– The initial deployment of MailRisk went really smoothly. We rolled out to several hundred customers over a short period of time, and we have experienced high reliability and scalability since. When new customers are onboarded now, it just works extremely well, both on PC and Mac, Henriksen describes.

– And we’re also getting really great support from Secure Practice, who are proactive and always respond very swiftly, Simonsen finishes.

Sector Managed IT services
Revenue € 85 Million (2020)
Employees 480


«50 times more people are now getting first-class help with suspicious emails.»


More data without extra effort: Mari Nygaard Simonsen and Daniel Henriksen are happy to say that MailRisk from Secure Practice serves both their internal security team and their customers well.

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