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What you can


with Secure Practice

You need to:

  • help everyone make good security decisions - with security and IT as allies

  • measure the impact of cybersecurity training without alienating your colleagues

  • get people to care about security because it clicks with their needs

  • reward colleagues with positive experiences when they give you their time and trust

We help you achieve this - plus a handful of unexpected extras.

15 things you can do with Secure Practice

account sharing
password security
file sharing
learning motivation
leadership example
supplier relationships
access control
smishing risk

Human risk metrics help you understand what your colleagues need

  • Very well designed test!
  • Always nice to have reminders.
  • Super nice to get this instant feedback.
  • I'm more careful about opening emails than before :-)
  • Fun with the simulation!

Security starts with understanding what people need

To develop and grow, your organization depends on everyone in your team to keep learning. 

That’s why we focus on making sure every bit of knowledge your colleagues acquire and apply is fresh, interesting, and motivating to them.

The research methods and results we build into Secure Practice turn accurate behavioral data into exercises, learning sequences, and educational materials you can adjust to what your team needs. 

As a result, your colleagues’ reactions and emotions make them stronger, more confident, and safer instead of vulnerable. 

Drawing on academic and applied research, we develop technology that makes cybersecurity part of people’s lives because it serves their goals – at work, at home, and beyond.

What’s more, all the tools and materials we provide for you to keep teaching secure habits come with an uncompromised guarantee of privacy.