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Partner with Secure Practice

Enhance your cybersecurity offerings

Partner with us to expand your cybersecurity portfolio with a complete toolkit for cybersecurity education.

Why partner with Secure Practice?

Solve cybersecurity challenges and grow your business

Secure Practice is more than just a toolkit for cybersecurity training. It's a comprehensive suite for human risk management that blends educational content, practical tools, and services to build resilience against cyber threats that target people. 

Here is what you can provide your customers by partnering with us:

  1. real cyber incident simulations: boost secure behaviors through deeply engaging interactive exercises that simulate a real security incident.

  2. on-the-job skill development: provide customers with user-friendly tools to improve security decision-making in measurable ways.

  3. email threat reporting with automated feedback: ease IT and security workloads with email reporting insights and instant feedback for end users.

  4. year-round learning programs: access diverse learning methods and customizable content to foster cybersecurity champions within your clients’ teams.

  5. measurable behavioral insights: use human risk metrics to help customers identify and address risky behaviors through positive experiences.

  6. tailored phishing simulations: run phishing campaigns that adjust to individual needs and learning styles, supported by detailed metrics and follow-up activities.

Deliver security education that people want and need

We focus on fresh, engaging learning materials tailored to your customers’ needs, backed by rigorous research and real-world applications. Discover how Secure Practice can make cybersecurity a rewarding part of your everyday business.