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About our founder

Hey there and welcome!

I am Erlend Andreas Gjære, co-founder and CEO of Secure Practice.

I strongly believe that everyone is a defender.

My own journey began with a six-year tenure in information security research, where I developed in parallell a security culture program for my 2000 research colleagues from 70 nationalities.

This experience, combined with my background in technology and entrepreneurship, laid the foundation for building Secure Practice.

Today, I work on what I wish I had years ago: a platform that makes cybersecurity learning a continuous, helpful, and engaging presence in people’s lives.

My team and I focus on managing human risk in cybersecurity through a unique, privacy-centered approach

We support people in organizations across 30+ countries to develop skills and confidence to make good cybersecurity decisions - in a way that makes them feel respected, recognized, and rewarded.

To achieve this, we build tools, educational resources, and training programs that resonate on a personal level and which give people tangible benefits that extend beyond the workplace.

Erlend leading a live Cybersecurity Exercises session.

Research helped me understand that emotions play a pivotal role in cybersecurity, so my goal is to advance education and habits in this space with empathy and respect for the uniqueness of each person.

People neither want nor need more supervision.

They want better support that speaks to their needs, fears, and aspirations.

I want to help you meet your colleagues where they are and give them a chance to contribute to security - and grow while doing it.

If you ever want to share your feedback, ideas, or simply to say hi, I’d love to connect on LinkedIn 👋

I am grateful for your interest in our mission at Secure Practice.