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Privacy-focused human risk management

Discover the Secure Practice way of learning

What we do

Secure Practice blends immersive experiences, intuitive tools, and engaging learning materials to bolster your team's cyber resilience.

Built on a foundation of guaranteed privacy and robust scientific methods, our platform champions a more sustainable way to develop, refine, and strengthen your team’s cybersecurity skillset.

We’re on a mission to help millions of people develop their cybersecurity abilities and knowledge - and become more confident in using them.

Circle labelled “Cyber exercises, positive reinforcement and instant feedback for suspicious emails”.

How we do it

Cybersecurity exercises

Through this immersive experience for teams, you learn with your colleagues by responding together to simulated cyberattacks. 

Collaborate to decide how to handle live cyber incident scenarios, complete with hands-on activities that mimic real situations.


Using automated analysis for email-focused social engineering attacks, MailRisk gives everyone instantly helpful feedback on the suspicious emails they report.

The data crowdsourced through MailRisk also provides IT and security teams with high-quality information for threat hunting and risk management.

Illustration showing how users are instantly rewarded with points for reporting an email in-app.

Gamified e-learning

Gamified e-learning delivers a rich collection of customizable cybersecurity training content, from quick bites and gentle nudges to in-depth guides, email series, and lots more. 

Create and use personalized learning loops for your team based on anonymized data about your colleagues’ actions, interests, and level of knowledge.

Human risk metrics

Human risk metrics help organizations understand, measure, and manage cybersecurity risks associated with human actions. 

Improve security behaviors with anonymous, measurable insights that show you exactly what people need based on their interest and knowledge of specific topics.

Illustration showing how a risk factors contributors can contribute to an overall human risk score.

Simulated phishing

Train colleagues to respond to unexpected threats with ready-to-use exercises that mirror real-life scams and fraud attempts.

Balance personalized human risk management with privacy with anonymized results that spotlight topics for workshops, webinars, and other types of learning activities.

  • Well designed test!
  • Always nice to have reminders.
  • Super nice to get this instant feedback
  • I'm more careful about opening emails than before :)
  • Fun with the simulation!

We’re developing Secure Practice with support from:

A list of logo's from the following companies:: Innovation Norway, European Cybersecurity Competence Centre, The Research Council of Norway, eea-and-norway_grants@2x.png, and Microsoft for Startups.

Co-funded by European Union / European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC) under grant agreement no. 101128020