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Simulated phishing

Train to tackle unexpected threats

Make phishing exercises a rewarding learning experience

Help your colleagues learn from interacting with realistic threats in a safe environment.

Our phishing simulator combines an easy to use interface, with multiple formats (email, SMS, voice), ready-to-use content, and automation features. 

Show your teammates that phishing doesn’t have to be a blame game they never win.

Mockup of an email showing a “marked as suspicious” confirmation.

How our simulated phishing exercises work

We provide everything you need for phishing campaigns that match individual skills, know-how, and daily routines. 

Plus, anonymized results help you build trust with colleagues and prize draws make the entire experience feel like a win to them.

Simulate threats from real samples

Our phishing simulator includes ready-to-use exercises that mirror real-life scams, pulling design and content straight from actual fraud attempts. 

This realistic approach prepares your team for genuine threats of all kinds: email phishing, SMS phishing (smishing), and voice phishing (vishing).

Mockup of a seemingly real email, annotated with some of the giveaways that it’s fake.

Provide instant feedback with MailRisk

Combine our phishing simulator with MailRisk to instantly reward your colleagues with points when they correctly flag the fraud. 

Help them form a habit of using MailRisk to act on their suspicions and get feedback on the spot, learning from every email they report.

Illustration showing how users are instantly rewarded with points for reporting an email in-app.

Tailor simulations to anonymous behavioral data

Secure Practice gathers anonymous behavioral data from how your team handles suspicious emails, cybersecurity exercises, surveys, and more.

Use these anonymized insights to create phishing campaigns that specifically boost their least developed skills - no finger-pointing involved.

Plus, randomized sendouts and fresh challenges keep phishing simulations effective over time.

Scale training with automated playbooks

Playbooks bundle multiple phishing simulations with progress tracking and variation to make sure your colleagues get challenges that align with their current skills. 

Everything is automated, with a variety of templates to use or tailor to your needs, plus the ability to create campaigns from scratch. Multi-language support and our API ensure unlimited customization options. 

Deliver a well-rounded learning experience

Pushing someone through a one-size-fits-all course after falling for a phishing email can be really discouraging - and a missed opportunity. 

That’s why we use human risk metrics to track how people behave over time while fully respecting their privacy. 

With these insights, you can engage people with bite-sized courses, live cybersecurity exercises, quizzes, and other activities that help them level up at their own pace.

We also keep operations smooth with automatic user synchronization and advanced statistics including Excel exports.

Make phishing simulations privacy-friendly

Revealing individual behaviors through phishing exercises can lead to invasive - even illegal - surveillance measures, especially under GDPR.

At Secure Practice, we balance personalized human risk management with privacy by offering statistical data on team vulnerabilities. 

Our approach blends research, data models, machine learning, and visuals for targeted training that doesn’t compromise privacy. 

We do this not just because we're based in Europe, but because we value privacy as the backbone of sustainable human cyber risk management.

Teach people to spot phishing without soulless surveillance