Install MailRisk in Office 365

You need an administrator role in Office 365 to be able to complete this guide.

Below the cog-icon in the menu (Settings), find «Integrated apps».

  • Click the «Upload custom apps» link in the header navigation:

Deploy add-in

  • In the next step, click «Choose file» (or equivalent) to upload from your device.

Upload XML manifest

The above step requires you to upload an XML manifest file, which describes the MailRisk add-in to Exchange and Outlook, from your local hard drive.

  • To obtain the required manifest-file, go to the Secure Practice customer portal, and click «Download manifest.xml».
  • After uploading, click «Next» to continue.

Select add-in distribution

To activate the button immediately for everyone in your organization, select «Entire organization» in the assign users section.

It is also possible to distribute the button to a limited group of users.

  • Instead, select «Specific users/groups» and add users and/or groups to access the add-in.

Validate the installation by reviewing App Permissions.

  • Click «Next» to accept.

Validate App Permissions

  • Finally, complete this guide by clicking «Finish deployment»

Finish installation

PS! You may now also want to whitelist our email servers to ensure our service emails and simulated phishing emails are getting through to your organization's users.