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  • Welcome to MailRisk

How to use MailRisk:

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Welcome to MailRisk

With MailRisk, you can always get help with suspicious emails.

The MailRisk button is found in the toolbar of your Outlook application, anytime, every day.

If your company is using Office 365, you can also find it in your webmail and mobile app.

Learn how it works below! And check out our 90 second intro movie, if you haven't already.

Become a cyber crime fighter

Whenever you analyze an email, we automatically search for similar emails found by your colleagues, and others.

If we find a match, and the similar email(s) have already been analysed, we provide you with the answer right away.

The results are used to stop cyber criminals from tricking others, including your colleagues — all thanks to you!

Analyze and report

Click the MailRisk button and a side panel will show you an immediate analysis of the email you find suspicious.

In addition, you may report your own opinion on what the email is:

  • Suspicious: Tell your IT staff that this email could be a threat to your company or colleagues.
  • Annoying: Probably not dangerous, but let's get rid of it anyway.

In any case, you also get the option to block the sender from contacting you via email again.

Always get feedback

If we cannot immediately offer a satisfying response, it is simple to ask for a manual check of the email from a security expert.

Depending on how your employer is organized, this expert either works at your own company, at your company's IT provider, or at another security provider your company trusts.

The analysis results will be emailed back to you within a very short while.

Frequently asked questions

Click on each question to find an answer.

Is my email data sent anywhere during analysis?


Yes, this is required to perform a thorough enough analysis to keep up with the latest cyber threats. When you click the MailRisk button, the email you are looking to analyze is collected by Secure Practice.

Secure Practice has a written agreement in place with your employer, which describes thoroughly how we are allowed to process these data. If you have any further questions regarding this, please see the other questions below, or ask your internal IT staff.

Who can see my reported emails?


MailRisk is supposed to work as automatically as possible. There may however sometimes be a need to perform more manual analyses of suspicious emails, and this is when an authorized security expert will specifically open your email for review.

In addition, if your reported email is found to contain a particular threat, it may be reviewed by staff who is looking to build the best protections for the future.

If however your email is not found to contain any threat, its contents will be hidden from any staff unless a specific request to unlock the contents has been made. In such cases, these requests are logged in particular.

Can I undo any submission of email data?


Anyone can change their mind, and we make sure that this is easy to do in MailRisk.

Simply open MailRisk, and click the menu button at the top right corner. Here you will find a list of emails you have analyzed. Click the email you would like to revoke data for, and click «Withdraw report» to delete any data.

For how long are you storing my email data?


Firstly, we only collect email data from emails which you specifically choose to analyze. If we cannot find any particular threat, the email contents will be automatically deleted after a number of days, as configured by your employer.