Plans & pricing

See pricing example below for 200 users on a 12 months prepaid subscription. Please contact us for a quote.


1/ user

per month

  • MailRisk add-in for Outlook
  • Machine learning threat detection
  • Portal for analysis and response
  • Statistics for suspicious emails
  • Posters for awareness (PDF)
  • Multi-platform support
  • Single sign-on with Azure AD
  • Simulated phishing (templates) 1

1 Includes a selection of predefined templates.


2/ user

per month

  • Everything in SILVER, plus:
  • Gamified e-learning platform
  • Essential e-learning courses 2
  • Multi-lingual content support
  • Employee security portal
  • Course certificates (PDF)
  • Security blog and guides tool
  • Simulated phishing (customized)

2 We are continually extending our course catalogue.


3/ user

per month

  • Everything in GOLD, plus:
  • Metrics for human cyber risk
  • Employee security surveys
  • Advanced content targeting
  • API / Azure AD sync included
  • Reporting for all incident types
  • Security bulletin newsletter
  • Simulated phishing (automated)

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Service add-ons

The following add-ons may be combined with any plan you choose:

Managed analysis

Qualified and timely investigation of suspicious emails by our analysts.

1.50/ user

per month

API / Azure AD sync

Automate and extend with our API, including user and group provisioning.

0.25/ user

per month

SMS phishing

Take your simulations to the next level, with SMS in addition to email.


per SMS

Security & People Success

Get a dedicated support specialist to supercharge your security culture.

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Awareness Merchandise Shop

Build awareness in the physical space with unique branded merchandise.

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Maybe you are only looking for simulated phishing, e-learning or security surveys to get started?

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Features in detail

Compare features and plans side by side to figure out what you need:


Gamified and friendly end-user experience
Multi-language content support
Integration with Office 365
Multi-platform support, including mobile
Advanced statistics and data export
Simple install, get started in minutes
Single sign-on with Azure AD
Privacy by design and GDPR compliant
Cloud servers in EU/EEA (Norway)
Integrations API Add-on Add-on
Azure AD sync Add-on Add-on
MailRisk add-in for Outlook
Machine learning threat detection
Unique crowdsourced threat data
Cloud portal for analysis and response
Custom default texts for manual feedback
Advanced statistics and data export for suspicious emails
Microsoft 365 Security Center integration
Threat explorer for advanced data querying  
Automatic translation of foreign language emails    
Managed email analysis Add-on Add-on Add-on
Complete e-learning platform with gamification  
Essential e-learning courses included  
Customize content or build from your own from scratch  
Employee security portal  
Personal progress to unlock new content  
Integrated quiz, badges and points tally  
Videos and other interactive features  
Automated invites and reminders  
Course certificates (PDF)  
Simulated phishing (pre-made templates)
Simulated phishing (customized campaigns)  
Simulated phishing (automated with playbooks)    
Simulated phishing with SMS Add-on Add-on Add-on
Metrics for human cyber risk    
Employee security surveys    
Reporting for all incident types    
Advanced content targeting with dynamic groups    
Built-in automatic content translation    
Security bulletin newsletter (with targeting)    
Security blog and guides tool  
Fresh security blogs and guides from Secure Practice  
Publish security policies in the end-user portal  
Posters for awareness (PDF)
Awareness merchandise shop
Security & People success Add-on Add-on Add-on

For more detailed information on our features, see our service description →

Which plan to choose?

We have carefully crafted three service tiers, which are described in depth below:


MailRisk analysis for suspicious emails, and phishing simulator to get started.

MailRisk will ensure that you end-users always get help with suspicious emails. The SILVER service plan includes everything you need to build a resilient process for protection against emails which have passed through the spam filter. MailRisk taps into people’s regular email workflow, and uniquely integrates security training for high impact learning.

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The MailRisk service includes the add-in, which is supported on multiple platforms, including the Outlook app on PC, Mac and webmail, plus iOS, Android with Office 365. The add-in is coupled with cloud based machine learning for threat detection, and the Secure Practice customer portal for further analysis, response and metrics. MailRisk combines human and artificial intelligence for unique detection and automation, with as an extra member of your security team.

To get every user started with MailRisk, the SILVER plan also includes access to our phishing simulator. The phishing simulator allows you to send realistic-looking phishing campaign to your own users, in a safe environment with very little effort. Users who use the MailRisk button on simulated phishing emails will instantly receive positive feedback, including a virtual reward through the gamified interface. In SILVER, the phishing simulator includes unlimited use of our rich library of pre-defined phishing campaign templates. In addition, we offer a selection of awareness and onboarding material for you to make the rollout process smooth and engaging for everyone.

Installation is for the entire organization with a few clicks, and there is zero maintenance involved. Users are authenticated with single-sign-on (SSO) in Exchange, and the add-in is always up-to-date on every client.

Build positive security culture and inspire your colleagues to help each other with suspicious emails. MailRisk uses gamification for enjoyable, measurable and scalable security awareness, all year round.


Gamified e-learning and end-user portal with always-fresh security content.

E-learning with gamification will ensure that users learn the skills they need to stay secure, and not only through their use of email with MailRisk. The GOLD service plan includes everything you need to keep your users up to date on the latest security threats, skills and best practices, including a web-based and mobile friendly portal for employees.

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Courses can be created either from a high-quality content pre-made by Secure Practice, or they can be made from scratch. Either way, content can be easily maintained or customized to fit your specific training needs, including for any language your end-users prefer. Just select a course and roll it out. Participants receive an invite via email, and can access their training immediately, anywhere, including via their mobile device, with SSO support through Azure AD included.

As a basis for training, the GOLD plan currently includes a selection of 25 essential microlearning chapters in the course “Security for everyone”. Among these, you’ll find engaging chapters on passwords, multi-factor authentication, email scams, social media, mobile security, device hygiene, identity theft, credit cards, biometrics, travelling safely, personal data, GDPR, and much more. Each of the chapters take 3-5 minutes to complete, including both short videos, quizzes and visual content supported by explanatory text. A course certificate is generated for the user upon completed training, so they can easily show their colleagues and your customers that you take security seriously.

To complement the course-based training, our security bulletins feature is also included in GOLD. Bulletins offer one-page training with relevant security and privacy news, guides, frequently asked questions and threat reports. Secure Practice takes care of keeping content fresh, with a steady stream of updates to your end-user security training portal. In addition, you can publish your own content, such as security policies and internal guides, and everything will be available in one place for your colleagues.

The GOLD plan includes everything in SILVER, in addition to the functionality described here. As an additional bonus, the GOLD plan also includes extra customization features for the phishing simulator, to allow your crafting of nearly any kind of phishing campaign in a completely managed platform.


Data-driven tools for human cyber risk, with advanced automation and personalization.

Get decision support to grow and sustain a positive engagement for security among employees, and a complete platform to help you achieve your goals. The PLATINUM plan features a management friendly and data-driven model for measuring and managing human cyber risk enable targeted and thoroughly grounded change over time.

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The human cyber risk map will show both the current and historical record for a number of useful risk factors. This includes a dedicated survey service, which will allow structured data collection for a number of risk factors where users can provide their input at any time. While Secure Practice has developed a set of template questions which are effective for measurement, both the surveys, questions and even the underlying risk model can be adapted and tailored to suit your organization’s needs. Data collection can also happen through survey questions which are integrated in relevant e-learning chapters, for even better context to the end-users.

Another core aspect of the PLATINUM is the degree of personalization and content targeting which can be achieved towards end-users. Our phishing simulator can be configured with so-called playbooks to automate sending and increase difficulty as the users make progress. Users can be targeted in a number of dynamic groups for both simulated phishing, e-learning, surveys and email newsletters (based on bulletins), to make the training even more personalized effective.

In summary, we recommend the PLATINUM plan for any organization which is serious about reducing human cyber risk with a structured and measurable approach. Get your priorities right and uncover any blind spots to apply the most required measures.

The PLATINUM plan includes everything in GOLD (and SILVER), in addition to the functionality described here. The otherwise optional service add-on for API access and user synchronization with Azure AD is also included in this plan.

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