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Applies to our software services:

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  • 6 July 2020

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Updated: 1 July 2020

The following sub-providers may be involved in our processing of personal data as described in our privacy policy, and under the data processing agreement (DPA), along with any other customer data under the service terms, for our cloud service customers:

Provider Location Description Personal data
Microsoft Ireland Operations, Ltd. EU/EEA Data center and infrastructure for our cloud services, public websites, various internal systems and collaborative tools. Any personal data as described in the DPA and privacy policy.
Mnemonic AS EU/EEA Managed analysis of suspicious emails, if this service add-on is purchased without an alternative analysis partner specified. Full access to analysed email data, as specified in customer configuration.
Digital Ocean, Inc. EU/EEA Email gateway and landing pages for simulated phishing. Recipient data for email recipients and email content (in relay).
Nexmo, Inc. USA, transfer by Standard Contractual Clauses SMS gateway for simulated phishing, system notifications and one time passcodes. Mobile number for SMS recipients and SMS content.
Visma eAccounting AS EU/EEA Billing and accounting. Contact information for the customer's billing representative.