Make training personal

Let's face it, many employees click through standardized security courses just to keep their manager happy.

Ready to influence their behaviors instead?


Our automated and personalized awareness and training tools allow everyone to become skilled at defending your values.

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Influence comes easier with a great learning experience

Personalized progress

People have different needs and knowledge, target content to avoid wasting time.

Gamified platform

Motivate people with playful elements and a user experience that people will love.

Exceptional content

Learn from high quality security material designed by a team of diverse experts.

Simulated phishing

Allow your colleagues to learn from «teachable moments», with realistic threats in a safe environment.

Our phishing simulator combines an easy to use interface, with high flexibility. Everything is taken care of, simply select your recipients and click «Send».

Enable our intelligent phishing playbooks to ensure that users receive challenges in line with their current skills, with everything automated.

Hacker mindset

Create motovation and interest by introducing the «dark arts» of hacking, and how to think attack to protect.


Keep the engagement going automatically with fresh challenges as soon as the basics become a breeze.

Friendly and intuitive

Ensure that everybody feel encouraged with user-centered human interaction to create that positive security vibe.

This was fun :)
Awesome test, this one really exposed my naiveness
Great reminder of how easy it is to be fooled...
I would surely have been tricked, had it not been for our previous training!

Phishing simulator features

  • Simulate threats from real samples
  • Gamification and personal progress
  • Automated training with playbooks
  • Randomize sending over time
  • Pre-made templates to choose from
  • Customize or create from scratch
  • Fully managed domains and gateway
  • SMS phishing option (standalone/dual)
  • Multi-language support
  • Dynamic user targeting based on history
  • API for unlimited customization
  • Azure AD user sync available
  • Advanced statistics and Excel export
  • Training portal and MailRisk integration
  • Privacy friendly and EU-based
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E-learning features

  • Azure AD user sync available
  • Advanced statistics and Excel export
  • Training portal and MailRisk integration
  • Privacy friendly and EU-based

Gamified e-learning

People are more likely to learn when they are interested, and gamification helps for motivation.

From psychology and pedagogy we know that good user experiences make learning more motivating. By leveraging playful elements like points and levels, we turn learning into an engaging experience.

With personalized learning paths we make it possible to fast learners to move ahead quickly, without getting annoyed by basic stuff.

Download datasheet (PDF)
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We have written a guide for you to get started with human-centered security. Access our free resource now, and learn:

  • How to nurture drivers for employee engagement
  • How to avoid common obstacles for reporting
  • Practical examples and steps to get started

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– 1800 pairs of eyes on security is better than ten

Financial services company Storebrand has chosen Secure Practice to help employees with safe handling of suspicious emails. Bjørn Richard Watne (CISO) says the solution greatly helps both preventive and operative security.

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– MailRisk helps 50 times more people with suspicious email

Compared to the previously manual helpdesk process, more than 50 times as many cases are now handled with MailRisk for quick and frictionless analysis and reporting across a large customer base, with overall approximately the same effort.

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– The collective benefit is significant to us

Chief information security officer (CISO) Vigleik Hustadnes at energy and communications company Tussa, says that employee awareness and security culture is an important focus area for their security work, and that Secure Practice is a good match for their organization.

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