Build security culture

What are people doing when nobody is looking? A culture where security is everybody's responsibility will keep your values safe.

Supercharge your company with security champions.


Our management friendly measures for employee cyber risk enable targeted and thoroughly grounded change over time.

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Data driven improvement

  • Measure employee based cyber risk through research-based surveys and live captured data from our tools.
  • Apply the strongest measures by uncovering your blind spots and agreeing with colleagues about common practice.
  • Get decision support to grow and sustain a positive engagement for security among employees.

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Achieve secure behavior through social interactions

Security check-ups

Let everyone take a look in the security mirror and find out who is responsible for information security.

Incident reporting

What have you been missing out on? Reporting is required for improvement, so capture those incidents.

Policy awareness

Behavior can improve, but only when people actually know «how we're doing things around here».

Human risk and reward

Get started with a measurable people-centric approach to reducing cyber risk.

Based on scientific research across multiple disciplines, we have developed a set of metrics and measures to support your security awareness and culture program.

Survey employees across several dimensions, including awareness, user experience, motivation, risk understanding, habits, incidents and influence.

Hybrid metrics

Combine our surveys with live tool data to find out where your weak spots are.

Decision support

Get your message across to leadership with actionable statistics on human risk.

User involvement

Target behavior change with inclusive nudges to secure behavior for everyone.

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