Security and people
– aligned

We are an award-winning vendor of innovative products for digital security, with a special focus on awareness, behavior and culture.

The company was incorporated in August 2017, and is 100% owned by employees. We develop and operate our software services from our offices in Trondheim, Norway.

Our software service won the «Best new security product» award by the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPA) in 2018.

We have also been awarded the EU Seal of Excellence for our innovations, and have been granted financial support from Innovation Norway in several occasions.

Visit our offices at the AI Village office space at Pirsenteret in Trondheim, Norway.

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«Secure Practice offers a unique way for both employees and companies to detect and respond to targeted email threats.»

Outstandig Security Performance Awards

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Our products can be great resources for both IT and security consultants alike, who are helping companies with information security, security culture, Office 365 and other IT services.

We offer both a collaboration model which is both simple and flexible, creating value for both partners and customers alike.

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We also maintain and value contact with research and educational institutions in relation to digital security, and supervise several student assignments at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

Do not be shy if you would like to collaborate on your assignment, or see opportunities for our participation in a research project!