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Change how your company teaches and practices cyber security

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Just like business growth, cyber-resilience is a product of daily habits

We help your team develop skills and confidence to make good cybersecurity decisions every day of the week - and twice on Friday afternoon.

  • A learning journey that keeps developing people’s skills

  • Personalized paths that match their workflows

  • Non-invasive tools and tactics that earn their trust

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People are not your weakest link

They are your strongest protection against cybercriminals. And we have proof!

See your colleagues:

  • catch targeted cyberattacks early on and sound the alarm

  • use technology and processes to actively defend your company

  • adapt their response when attackers change their tactics

  • fill in where technology reaches its limits

Our cybersecurity training supports their efforts, making safe habits easier and more rewarding.

Mockup of an email showing a “marked as suspicious” confirmation.

Organizations in 30 countries use Secure Practice to…

Make cybersecurity training a daily fix, just like getting coffee

  • Friendly resources in a variety of formats - for every individual skill level

  • Instant feedback for suspicious activity reports to close the learning loop 

  • Measurable results to prove progress on risk metrics and security ROI

Dial down risk with key knowledge and confident action

  • Personalized security training based on anonymous behavioral data

  • Individual progress tracking and rewards with gamified experiences

  • Eagle-eyed reactions educated through simulated exercises

Lighten the load for security, IT, and support teams

  • Anonymous surveys that increase response rates, uncover shadow IT and risky habits 

  • Newly detected threats that turn into automated feedback for the entire team

  • Personalized training with no risk of exposing sensitive information

Raise a resilient team who practice security because they want to

  • Multi-platform training that gives people confidence to use technology safely

  • Integrated learning experiences on how to protect what’s valuable for you and your company

  • Exercises that simulate real-life incidents, where knowledge leaps into action

Security training that gets you – and your needs

People make progress when they feel respected, recognized, and rewarded.

Get the meaningful metrics you need to understand and help your colleagues, with zero finger-pointing.


With the best privacy-focused and science-based tools in this space. 

Deliver cybersecurity training with a focus on positive engagement and growth. 

Make those leaps. 

Why Secure Practice hits home and sparks action

Focused on what people need

Your company is unique and so is each of your colleagues.  We help you understand how and what everyone needs to learn.

You get to deliver security training that knows they’re one of a kind, always in sync with your company’s rhythm.

Rooted in science. Built for everyday security

Daily practice leads to daily growth. 

We use scientific methods to factor in each person’s know-how and motivation and deliver what they need at every point in their day and development. 

You get to make cybersecurity learning a constant and comforting presence that blends into your team's routine - at work, at home, and beyond.

Trusted because it guarantees privacy

Start a cycle of trust with your team. 

Prove you have their best interest at heart by trusting your colleagues first.

People associate cybersecurity training with negativity, shame, and anxiety. Surprise them with a new approach that gives them full anonymity - and see your engagement soar.

Don’t choose us if…

  • You believe people are the weakest link.
  • You care more about knowing who clicked on what than making sure everyone can learn from direct experience.
  • You think shaming people who fall for cybercriminal tactics is how others learn a lesson they’ll never forget.
  • You expect people to care about security just because it’s part of the company policy.
  • You are certain you’re getting all the security you need from a purely profit-driven, hyper-growth firm.
  • You’re not willing to improve your own security habits.

Frequently asked questions

Secure Practice is a platform for cybersecurity learning that combines tools, educational materials, and services that develop organizational resilience against cybercriminals. Our privacy-guaranteed approach and scientific methods enable teams to develop, practice, and improve their motivation and ability to make good cybersecurity decisions.

We guarantee the privacy of every team member across the organization while allowing managers and leaders to understand what colleagues need to learn and practice to develop safer habits. 

We help you collect behavioral data and act on it to substantially improve your cybersecurity resilience without compromising privacy or creating additional risk for the organization.

Our team is made up of security and privacy specialists, educators, developers, academics, and entrepreneurs, all led by co-founder and CEO Erlend Andreas Gjære

We’re based in Trondheim, Norway, and we’d love to get to know you better!

The Secure Practice team.
The Secure Practice team