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Security culture and training

We know how to promote security as everyone's responsibility.

In order to reduce risk, we can offer employees awareness and training in secure behavior. We also know that people's time is precious, and they are not always available for learning something new. And if it is difficult to capture their interest and attention, there is little basis for any training effort to change their behavior.

How we communicate any security training content is crucial, how relevant it is perceived by people, and how well the message is rooted in the organization – including management. Moreover, internal security policies must be both comprehendable, reasonable and possible to comply with for everyone. Helped by good products which are configured well, we can further reduce the friction caused by required attention and extra work – which people experience by staying on the safe side.

Our methods are based on empathy, which takes into account that people are different, and most are not as interested in security as ourselves.

Through dialogue with employees, we can uncover the state of knowledge and compliance in your organization. Having practical experience with ISO 27001, we can help internal audits become a positive resource for many people in the enterprise, while policies are supported by approporiate technical measures wherever possible. Through implementation of our unique products, we can further reduce human risk.

Talks about secure practice

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We are happy to address any English speaking audience, having a long list of references.

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Simulated phishing

Social manipulation is the most frequently used attack vector, and we can efficiently perform simulated phishing attacks towards your organization. Our platform also allows employees who detect the to receive a positive reward, with immediate feedback.

Security in Office 365

We have broad experience with secure configuration of Microsoft cloud services, and can help both small and large organizations with cloud security, including multi-factor authentication.

Client security

How do you configure PC, Mac and mobile devices for both security and great user experiences? Our assistance is based on tools and techniques for securing both information and productivity.

Privacy by design

We have both theoretical and practical experience with GDPR article 25 compliance in software products, which could also come handy for other software companies. We are happy to share!

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