Sales representative

Join our mission to help people and organizations stay safe online, while also giving scammers and cybercriminals a hard time at work.

Secure Practice offers an innovative cloud service for reducing human cyber risk in organizations. This includes building security awareness, knowledge and culture through gamified digital training, helping people find out if emails are safe or malicious, and measuring risk and improvements over time.

As a sales professional at Secure Practice, we can offer a unique growth opportunity a truly scalable business with an established product-market fit, and innovative key selling points appreciated by customers and end-users.

As a representative for our brand, we are looking for people with:

  • Inner drive for quality sales
  • Great communication skills
  • Ambitions for results and growth
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Autonomy

While our strategy so far has revolved a lot around partner sales, we are in need of more capacity to reach entirely new prospects as well. In particular, as a dedicated human cyber risk vendor who truly understands people and their needs for secure behavior, Secure Practice is positioned to take a lead, not only nationally, but also internationally.

We can offer an awesome opportunity to work with a field of huge attention and importance to society. You will be responsible for identifying new sales opportunities, following up on decision makers and influencing the entire sales process. You will also work together with the rest of our team to take any feedback back into our product and sales development process, for further optimization and innovation.

Secure Practice was founded in 2017 and serves more than 500 organizations on a daily basis, with end-users in 30+ countries. Our very simple core value is people. Since our company is owned 100% by employees, we are equally free to set the goals and means of our own choice. Everyone who joins our team will have a unique opportunity to shape and build a great place to work, growing our team and impact through making people happy and safe.

People who are a good match with our team, may be characterized by:

  • Interest in helping people stay secure
  • Creativity, initiative and autonomy
  • Proactive with partners and customers
  • Positive attitude
  • Growth mindset
  • Love for people

Although we like to call ourselves a startup, we are still established enough to have predictable and family friendly working hours. People are typically around the office during 09–15. While we are «born in the cloud», and flexible for people to work from anywhere, we do appreciate having good fun around our head office in Trondheim, so we would love to see you there on a regular basis. Here, we can also offer some great facilities, including:

  • Canteen with healthy and tasty food
  • Indoor parking for bikes and cars
  • Wardrobes with drying closets
  • Friendly neighbors at AI Village
  • Fitness gym
  • Snacks and coffee
  • Social events
  • A great view to the fjord

Hopefully, you are interested in this opportunity, and we are looking forward to hear from you. Our application process is not very formal, so feel free to reach if you simply want to connect for a coffee and chat about security and people.

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Full time


Trondheim / Oslo


31 January 2023

Please reach out if you are interested:

Erlend Andreas Gjære

Co-founder / CEO

(+47) 90 61 24 35