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«Secure Practice offers a unique way for both employees and companies to detect and respond to targeted email threats.»

Outstandig Security Performance Awards

  • Stop suspicious emails with MailRisk analysis and response
  • Make training personal with simulated phishing and e-learning
  • Build security culture with metrics and measures for change

Why Secure Practice?

– 1800 pairs of eyes on security is better than ten

Financial services company Storebrand has chosen Secure Practice to help employees with safe handling of suspicious emails. Bjørn Richard Watne (CISO) says the solution greatly helps both preventive and operative security.

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– A lack of reporting is a lost opportunity for improvement

Gamification engages, but it is the employees' contributions to information security we value the most in Secure Practice, says security manager and data protection officer Ole Martin Refvik from Admincontrol.

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– The collective benefit is significant to us

Chief information security officer (CISO) Vigleik Hustadnes at energy and communications company Tussa, says that employee awareness is an important focus area for their security work, and that Secure Practice is a good fit here.

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