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Employees who behave securely are required everywhere. With Secure Practice, anyone can get security training and culture for a whole year – at a special price.

Try our complete PLATINUM service, at a fixed campaign price for a 12 month agreement, everything included 🚀

Unlimited access to e-learning, simulated phishing, suspicious email analysis, security surveys, multiplayer quizzes, compliance reporting, risk management, and more.

Up to 50 employees

€ 1 250

50–199 employees

€ 3 000

200–500 employees

€ 9 900

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Secure Practice ensures people have the skills to keep themselves and your organization safe.

The PLATINUM service plan includes our complete cloud based offer.|See everything included →

Secure Practice allows your colleagues to be defenders against cyber threats:

  • Discover suspicious emails reaching people's inboxes
  • Experience how gamification can contribute to a positive security culture
  • Enable a growth mindset among people where security is everyone's responsibility

Why Secure Practice?

– 1800 pairs of eyes on security is better than ten

Financial services company Storebrand has chosen Secure Practice to help employees with safe handling of suspicious emails. Bjørn Richard Watne (CISO) says the solution greatly helps both preventive and operative security.

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– MailRisk helps 50 times more people with suspicious email

Compared to the previously manual helpdesk process, more than 50 times as many cases are now handled with MailRisk for quick and frictionless analysis and reporting across a large customer base, with overall approximately the same effort.

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– The collective benefit is significant to us

Chief information security officer (CISO) Vigleik Hustadnes at energy and communications company Tussa, says that employee awareness and security culture is an important focus area for their security work, and that Secure Practice is a good match for their organization.

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