Erfaringer med simulert phishing

Erlend Andreas Gjære | 23 May 2019

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Vurderer du å gjennomføre simulert phishing i virksomheten din? Se denne videoen for tips til forberedelse og gjennomføring av deres egen interne phishing-kampanje.

På konferansen PreParanoia, 21. mai 2019 i Oslo, deltok Erlend Andreas Gjære med foredraget «Experiences with simulated phishing». Hele presentasjonen kan du se i videoen under.

Is it okay to trick your own colleagues? With simulated phishing, this is precisely what we do, when sending employees fake emails to increase their awareness. Maybe you have tried something like this in your company already, or maybe you are still assessing whether this is really a good idea or not.

In any case, this talk will offer useful steps to prepare and launch your own internal phishing campaign. We will also discuss how to measure and get value from the results, including on the long term, and how to ensure all of this is done in a privacy friendly way with «teachable moments» for everyone.

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MailRisk integrerer simulert phishing med effektiv rapportering.

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